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How To Scan An Infected File For Virus Online Instantly

Scanning your file online has many benefits over downloadable virus scanner, you can submit any file from any computer, if you have a slow system you won’t need to download anti-virus applications. VirusTotal is an online service that scans your file with 39 different anti-virus applications. Sounds Impossible, right? Read on to find out how to scan your file online.

VirusTotal logo

There are 3 different ways with which you can scan your files online.

Online Uploader

This is the default method for scanning your file online, just select the file that you want to scan and click the Send File button. You also have an option to send a file through encrypted channel by checking the SSL checkbox.

Upload a file virustotal

Email Uploader

You can send your file to be scanned by email. Simply create a new email, write SCAN in the subject field, attach the file that you want to scan(file size should not exceed 20MB), and send it to scan@virustotal.com. That’s it.

Windows Uploader

Download VirusTotal Uploader for Windows here. Once you have installed it, an option will show in your right-click context menu under Send To option. See the screenshot below to get a more clear view.

virustotal windows uploader

Right-click any file that you want to scan, select Send To and click VirusTotal. This will upload your file to their server for scanning and a new browser window will open with the scanning process. If your file is infected, delete it immediately, otherwise you can spare it’s life. Enjoy!

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