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How To Selectively Sync Folders With Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps one of the strongest Dropbox competitors in the market right now. Being a Google product the app and its web version are just a bigger team for Dropbox to contend with. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are built to save documents to it. Given everything Google Drive has going for it, it might surprise you that up until a few days ago it lacked a very essential feature that Dropbox has had for ages; selective folder syncing. The feature basically lets you pick and choose which folders to sync to your desktop. As of a recent update, you can now select which folders are synced to your desktop when you first install the Google Drive app or you can select them later on. Here’s how to do both.

Select Folders To Sync On First Install

When you download and install Google Drive for the very first time, you’re asked to sign in to your Google account and then taken through a very brief tour. On the very last tour slide named ‘You’re all set!’, you will see a ‘Sync options’ button at the bottom. Click it.


Unselect the folders you do not want to sync and click ‘Start Sync’.


Update Which Folders  Are Synced

If you already have Google Drive installed and it’s syncing all your folders to your desktop you can remove the one you no longer want to be synced. Right-click the Google Drive icon in the System Tray. From the pop-up that opens, click the more options button from the top right and select ‘Preferences’.


You will see three tabs of preferences, the first of which is ‘Sync Options’. Select/Unselect the folders you want to sync/stop syncing and click ‘Apply’ at the bottom.


That’s all takes. The folders will be removed from your local disk but will continue to exist on your Google Drive. You can access them from Google Drive’s web interface.

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