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How To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer Easily

Does you computer takes hours to complete just a single task or request ? If yes then there is no running away from deteriorating PC performance. You can change this situation and boost the performance of your PC by following a few simple maintenance activities. In this post we are going to discuss the top PC maintenance methods that you can use to not only speed up your PC, but also keep it free from troublesome system errors.

Clean Up And Defrag Your Hard Drive

Overtime with the installation and unistallation of softwares our computer gets filled up with unwanted files and programs, in order to get rid of them regularly use the Disk Cleanup utility that is present in Windows Vista/ Xp to free up those unwanted files.


Additionally everyone must regularly defrag their hard disk using the Disk Defragmenter tool to make your data files contiguous, and make it easy for Windows programs to access them. These activities improve the performance of your PC.


Run Scandisk Regularly

To help keep your computer running well, it is important to run maintenance on every part of it, especially the hard drive.  Scandisk should be run at least once per month, to keep things running smoothly. The best way to start scandisk is by right clicking on the drive in My computer which you want to scan and click Properties.


In the tools menu you’ll find maintenance tools like Scandisk and Defrag. To start Scandisk click on Check Now. The scandisk screen will now appear, select all the boxes and click on “Start”. This may take several hours to scan so be patient until your whole disked is scanned properly.


Perform Regular Spyware And Malware Scans

Spywares and Malwares such as virus, Trojans, worm and adware can degrade the performance of your XP or Vista. They add malicious files and registry entries that not only generate several system errors, but may also cause severe damage to your system and data files. Detection of these files can really help you speed up your PC. You can perform these tasks easily with the help of reliable antivirus and antispyware tools. One of such program is Adaware 2008 free which will help you cleaning your PC from adwares and spywares completely.


Modify the Visual Affects

Various visual effects such as animated Windows and fading menus eat up a lot of system resources and slow down your PC. Therefore, to speed up your system, you must alter your display preferences and avoid using these resource-consuming visual effects which can be done by following this path, Right click on My computer Select Properties Goto Advanced in Performance area click settings, and select the option Adjust for best performance.


Manage Start-Up Programs

When you install new programs on your PC, many processes are automatically configured to load during the system startup. These programs and processes continue running in the background, even if you are not using them and eat up your computer’s resources. Therefore in order to speed up your computer you must disable unnecessary programs from loading at system startup. you can do this by typing msconfig in the run section and modify the unwanted processes.


These are some the easiest few methods to boost your computer’s performance. If you find this post useful, dont forget to comment.

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  • johntahiti

    Hi Friend, Thanks for your tips and now I'm addicted

    cheers mate,

  • johntahiti

    Hi Friend, Thanks for your tips and now I'm addicted

    cheers mate,

  • johntahiti

    Hi Friend, Thanks for your tips and now I'm addicted

    cheers mate,