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How To Stamp Or Add Dates On All Your Photos/Pictures/Images

We all take thousands of pictures every year, yet only few cameras have a build-in feature to stamp dates on photos. Stamping photos can be helpful when browsing old photos, it becomes easier to see when the photo was taken, making the whole experience fun. If you forgot to enable date stamping feature on your digital camera, you can now stamp dates on all your photos with a simple tool.

Y.A.  Photos Date Stamper is a free software that require .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 1 to run, if you don’t have this version of .Net Framework, it installs automatically for you(installation requires  restarting of computer).

All you have to do is run the program, select the source folder and destination folder, and it will batch stamp dates to all photos inside that folder. Please note that all the photos inside the folder should be of same resolution.

stamp dates

You can select the font size and color, transparency, and the location where you would like to stamp the dates. Before you can start stamping the dates, you can preview it first by clicking the Preview button.  Once you think that everything is in order, click Stamp The Dates! button and the process will start.

This is how my picture looks like before and after the dates were stamped.

That’s it. Start stamping all your pictures to enjoy old times. Enjoy!

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