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How To Suspend, Shutdown, Hibernate, Or Restart Your Computer After A Specified Time

TimeComX is a great utility which I came across recently, it puts your computer into different states after a specified time. It also works as an alarm clock with your own customized music. Suppose a file is downloading and it will complete after two hours, you can specify your computer to shutdown after two hours by using this tool. You can choose to play a sound after a few hours so that you can know that the task in your computer is complete, or it can just work like an alarm clock.

If you are a computer junky and want to take full advantage of your system, then this tool is what will make you a geek. It is a dead simple to use it, just run the program, select the time mode, duration, and the operation.

specify time to shutdown

When you start the operation by clicking Start, it will automatically minimize itself to system tray and run silently. When you select Audio-Signal from the Operation menu, another options will come under where you can select the sound/music to play. If you don’t select any, then it will play the default sound.

audio-signal menu

audio signal

It takes very little memory resources, so it’s not something to worry about. Enjoy!


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