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How To Switch To The Fast Ring In The Windows Insider Program

Microsoft has made it incredibly easy for anyone to test out the beta builds for Windows 10. It regularly releases these builds to everyone who has joined the insider program via Windows updates. If you’ve joined the insider program you are probably aware that there are two release channels that Microsoft calls ‘rings’. The Slow ring as its name signifies gets the latest build later while the Fast ring gets them much sooner. When you join the insider program, you are by default sent to the Slow ring. Here’s how you can switch to the Fast ring and get newer builds much sooner.

New builds of Windows 10 are distributed through Windows updates. To switch to the Fast ring open the Settings app and go to the Update & Security group of settings. In the Windows Update tab, scroll down to the Update settings section and click ‘Advanced options’.


Here you can see what ring you’re in. If it’s set to Slow, use the slider to move it to the Fast ring. After that you have to wait 48 hours for the switch to be complete. During this time, do not clean install Windows 10.


During the 48 hour wait period, you should keep checking for updates regularly. It takes that much time for you to be switched to the Fast ring but if it does happen faster then you’ll know through the updates. If you’re already running an insider build, keep checking to see you haven’t been switched back to the Slow ring.

The Slow and Fast rings are meant to ease the load on servers when distributing new builds. If you switch rings when a new build has just been released, you might be in for a slightly longer wait as it’s a time when most people will be getting an updated build delivered to them.

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