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Track Items You Loaned To Others with yLend

After lending a valuable to an acquaintance, friend or peer, we tend to forget and eventually it slips completely from the mind. To cope up with this, yLend is a small yet useful application, which helps you remember each & every items you’ve lent to others. It helps you  in tracking all the items by letting you maintain a detailed list of items which you’ve lent lately.

The interface is quite simple in terms of usage. All the features & options to maintain the list are present right up-front. To begin with, enter the details of the item which you’re intending to lend. You can enter Item name, Date, Name of borrower, Phone number, and address of the person. Once you’ve specified all required details, click Add items to save the record.

All-in-all it is one handy loan tracker designed especially for forgetful ones, so, if you count yourself in, give this application a shot.

It works on all Windows based OS right back from obsolete Windows 95 to latest Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download yLend

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