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How To Troubleshoot And Fix The Windows 10 Start Menu

The Start Menu in Windows 10 is of the most problematic features of the OS. If it works well for you then you’re lucky but there are hoards of users who have a dysfunctional Start Menu that fails to open, fails to launch apps, doesn’t let you pin apps, gets stuck, and won’t let you access the list of all installed apps, among other things. Those with a buggy Start Menu deal with a very essential feature on their desktop being useless. Users employ different hacks to fix the problem but no one hack has been able to track down and fix the problem for everyone and many fixes that work for some users often do not work for others. Microsoft knows there’s a problem and has released a  tool called Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tool that aims to troubleshoot and fix problems with the Start Menu.

The Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tool looks and works like the the default troubleshooter in Windows but specializes in fixing whatever is wrong with the Start Menu. This might include registry entries, problems with a particular user account, and more. All you have to do is run it and allow it to scan your Start Menu for problems. If you have complete trust in Microsoft, because why wouldn’t you, click the ‘Advanced’ option and allow it to automatically implement any fix it deems suitable.


The tool will scan the Start Menu for problems and like the troubleshoot tool on Windows, it will tell you what’s wrong and if a possible fix for it is available.

If you’ve ever used the built-in troubleshooting tool in Windows to identify problems such as no connectivity despite being connected to a working WiFi connection, you know that the tool doesn’t always manage to figure out what’s wrong and the same can happen with this tool as well. It is still worth a shot if your Start Menu is acting up.

The tool can do with improvements and by improvements we mean adding options to troubleshoot Cortana, Windows Search, and Action Center all of which are plagued with bugs just as much as the Start Menu is.

Download Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tool (Direct Download Link)

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