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How To Try Out YouTube’s Latest Transparent Player

YouTube makes changes to its UI from time to time. At present, it has an experimental transparent player in the works. Some users might already be seeing it if they are part of the test group but if you aren’t, there’s a quick way to try it out. You will need to edit cookies stored by YouTube to your browser and edit the value of one particular cookie. This post shows you how to edit the cookie for Chrome and Firefox, and what value to set it.

Before you decide to edit the cookie, you might want to know what you’re signing up for. The screenshot below shows the new transparent player. The seek bar is no longer an opaque grey and the video title does not appear at the top when the player controls are visible.

YouTube tansparent player

The Cookie:

Find the cookie called:


and set its value to


Chrome users:

You cannot edit the cookies a website saves to Chrome so the easiest workaround is to use an extension called EditThisCookie. Search for the cookie mentioned above and change its value to the one given.

YouTube tansparent player chrome

Firefox Users:

Go to YouTube and then open the Developer Toolbar from the Tools menu or by clicking Shift+F2. Type Cookie List and hit enter. You will get a list of cookies saved by Youtube. Under each cookie there is an edit option. Click it under the right cookie and change its value.

YouTube tansparent player firefox

Install EditThisCookie From The Chrome Web Store

Via Lifehacker


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