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How To Turn Your Computer Into A Virtual Telescope

You must have heard of Google Earth where you can explore cities, streets, locations anywhere in the world. But do you know about Worldwide Telescope, a software made by Microsoft that can turn your computer into a virtual telescope allowing you to explore galaxies, starts, planets, etc. It is a powerful visualization software that brings together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes for a seamless exploration of the universe.

Note: To run this software you must have a high speed broadband.

Simply run the program and start browsing the collections. You can explore the solar system, do an all sky survey, view astrophotography, and much more. You can also see the earth, but you cannot view the cities so clearly like it’s in Google Earth.

ms worldwide telescope 2

And here is an example where I found black hole powered jet of electrons and sub-atomic particles from the center of galaxy M87.

black hole powered jet of electrons

This software can come handy for students, scientists, astronomy geeks, or people who just love seeing the outer world. Enjoy!

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