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How To Unlock Hidden Features In Windows 8 Initial Builds

There’s been a lot of discussions on the web about new and interesting features of Windows 8, including, Windows 8 Aero, Ribbon-based Windows Explorer UI, Revamped Task Manager, PDF Reader, and Web Cam, but initial leaked releases of Windows 8 lack all these said features, giving Windows 7 like user experience. Recently, some Windows OS enthusiasts have managed to unlock these features by writing small registry tweaks to bring ribbon based Windows Explorer UI, Revamped Task Manager, PDF Reader, and Webcam in initial releases of Windows 8. We have already covered Aura that brings Windows 8 Aero features to Windows 7. This time around we have Windows 8 features unlocker for you called Windows 8 BluePoison. It was developed to unlock hidden Windows Explorer and Task Manager improvements along with two Windows 8 native tools PDF reader and Webcam.

It’s must be noted that it will not add features in Windows 7 and in any previous versions of Windows. It only packages a bunch of registry tweaks to unlock available but hidden Windows 8 features. To unlock any of the aforementioned feature, launch the application, and move to unlock hidden features tab. Here, select Ribbon UI, click unlock followed by run to unlock ribbon-based Windows 8 Explorer.

win 8 unlocker

Similarly, select other features lined up adjacent to Ribbon UI to unlock them.

windows 8

It is that simple. Once you have unlocked all available but hidden features in Windows 8, you can go ahead and play with each one of them. This is a great tool to unlock features without manually tweaking the registry.

Download Windows 8 BluePoison (Website is in Italian, download link given at the end of the page)

[via Caschys]

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