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How To View Metro Apps Installed On Your Other Windows 8 Devices [Tip]

In Windows 8, the concept of applications, in terms how they are installed and handled has been changed a little from what it used to be in Windows 7.  Other than the normal way of installing third party applications, Windows 8 features a Store with a collection of Windows 8 specific apps, known as Metro Apps. The Windows 8 Store is quite similar to the Apple’s Mac App Store. Developers are coming up with new and useful apps every day. Installing them is just a matter of going to the Store and downloading any app that you need. Once the download is complete, it will be automatically installed on your system. However, when installing new apps is so easy, we are sure to download a lot of apps from the Windows 8 Store and it is not easy to remember which apps are already installed on the system. In this post, we will tell you how to check which, and how many, Metro Apps are installed on your device (PC or tablet) running Windows 8. Read on to find out.

The Windows Store in Windows 8 does not provide you with a list of all the apps that are already downloaded in your computer, or any device. You have to click an app and view its status to know if its available for installation or it has been already installed on the device.

Windows 8 Store

First, open the Windows 8 Store by clicking the Store tile available on the Windows 8 Start Screen. Once the Store is loaded, you will be able to see all the Metro Apps available for download. Right-click anywhere inside the Store App to reveal App options. From the top, click Your Apps.

Windows 8 Store Right Click


The Your Apps window will display all the applications that you have downloaded from the Windows 8 Store. At the top, there are options to view All Apps, or view Apps installed on a specific device. There are 3 sorting criteria, Sort by apps that are not installed, Sort by date and Sort by size.


Windows 8 Store Your Apps

Click All Apps to select the device for viewing the apps installed on it. All of the devices running Windows 8, signed in with the same Microsoft Account, will be displayed in the drop down menu.


Windows 8 Store Drop Down

You can use this feature to install apps that you have installed on another device to the one you are currently using. Just right-click the app name and select Install from the bottom to download and install it on your PC.


Windows 8 Store Install

[via How-to Geek]

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