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Hulbee Desktop: Hard Drive & Internet Search With Word Cloud Support

Being able to quickly get to what you need saves a lot of time and allows you to concentrate more on the work at hand. Previously, we have covered some very useful tools to quickly search through files and folders by defining certain criteria and specifying parameters, such as UltraFileSearch, LookDisk and SearchMyFiles. Today, we have another searching utility, called Hulbee Desktop, that indexes your hard drive items, automatically generates a word cloud related to your searches and provides you with options to search for type-specific files, along with location, data and size parameters. The application allows you to search for items within your hard drive and on the internet from the same interface.

Hulbee Desktop is a combination of useful features with a focus on user friendliness. The ability to search for files stored in the hard disk, as well as looking up queries on the internet allows users to be more efficient and productive. The interface is designed in such a way to have everything available in the main portal without confusing the users with different menus and sub menus. Upon first run, the Hulbee Desktop indexes your hard disk contents and creates a database for quick retrieval or required items.

During installation, the application asks for your approval to integrate Hulbee Search to internet browsers. Make sure you uncheck that option if you don’t want to mess up your default online search settings.

Hulbee Desktop Setup

The DataCloud, Search Where, Date, and Size options are available in the left side of the interface. They allow you to easily specify the searching criteria to narrow your search and reduce the amount of time required for the application to process your request before entering your query. At the right side, you have Documents, E-mails, Images, Audio, Video, Archives, Folders and Other tabs to access particular types of items in your hard drive.

Hulbee Desktop

Once a file is selected, you can choose to Preview it, Open it in folder, or choose an option from the right-click menu. The application allows you to preview the files in List, Single File or Collage form.

Hulbee Desktop Collage

The Web tab at the top allows you to search items over the internet. As soon as your enter a query, the left side is automatically populated with the terms related to your search.

Hulbee Desktop Internet

The Settings menu (accessible from top-right) lets you manage the search locations to be indexed and monitored, specify the file types to be searches by default, change display settings and specify the indexing mode.Indexing settings

The application is available in both English and German languages and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Winds 7.

Download Hulbee Desktop

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