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Hygeia Lets You Effectively Automate Everyday Tasks

Why waste time on recurring tasks when you have automation software available. Yes, cost may be an issue, but what if you could automate everyday tasks effectively. Reclaim control over your data by applying various actions on files and folders while performing tasks like copying, deleting, moving, extracting batch files, quickly. Rather than using multiple applications to organize everyday activities like your music while surfing online, we recommend Hygeia, a free software that is bound to save your time. You can upload photos to your Facebook, effortlessly and create custom rules and actions in accordance with your needs. Quite often you would want to organize folder components based on priority due to their relevance to your activities. Instead of monitoring the information yourself, let Hygeia keep watch on things that hold value for you. With bulk renaming, file management, Facebook integration, mp3 tag support, and more, life could never have been this simple.  

As soon as the installation completes, a welcome window will appear, highlighting the distinguishing features in a categorizes. You can organize your music, upload photos to Facebook directly and trash old files with just a click. In addition, you can make use of Rules & the Actions option to automate the tasks.

Hygeia start screen

The main window guides you in selecting the desired features of the program. To auto-monitor a specific file, click One-time watch or in case of bulk monitoring use Folder watchers, which can be defined by specifying the destination path, scanning method and file patterns to track. The Quick watch allows you to drag and drop files to achieve file handling. If you ever get annoyed with the helpful tips, popping up whenever you hover mouse pointer over a function icon, disable Show Hints and put your mind at peace. On the other hand, these tips encourage you to fully understand the relevance and applications of each function.

Hygeia Main

Remember, to apply actions to Facebook, you must sign in to the respective account by clicking the respective button at the bottom of the window. Tools are organized at the bottom where you can access preferences, settings, information and support for the program. You can add exceptions, clear cache or define actions to be done if file handling completes or an error is detected, using the Preferences window.

Hygeia Preferences

You can make full benefit of this feature-rich utility by defining rules and actions. Rules instruct the program regarding which files to process and how to process them. You can create profiles by setting multiple triggering events for the relevant actions to come into effect.

Rules and Actions - Hygeia

Throughout the configuration experience, the Hygeia system tray icon sits silently to yield benefits of the application upon a right click. The program can be disabled, action logs can be viewed and scanning can be performed using the context menu.

Hygeia System Tray

This powerful utility promises to assist you in making the most of your time in an automated and intelligent way. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It should be noted that .NET Framework 4.0 is required.

Download Hygiea


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