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Icecream Image Resizer Is An Image Resize Utility With Size Presets

UPDATE: It’s been discovered this app brings malware with its installer. We have removed the link and would encourage you to remove it from your system, if you installed it. We apologize for the mistake.

Image resizing tools for the desktop are about as common as weather and photography apps for mobile devices. It’s come to a point that unless an application comes with a clown juggling flaming swords, you aren’t going to be able to differentiate it from others. Icecream Image Resizer is a free Windows application that resizes images and while it doesn’t come with a clown, it comes with preset image sizes that help you resize images for a specific purpose i.e. sending it as an email attachment or using it as your Facebook cover photo. Add to that it’s very neat interface and we have an image resizing application that you don’t have to force yourself to use.

It goes without saying that a nice interface plays a significant role in whether or not you decide to use an application long term, or whether or not it becomes a desktop favorite. Icecream Image Resizer doesn’t disappoint in that regard, it’s ad free and well designed. You can add a single image or an entire folder to resize the images in it, in bulk.



Once you’ve added an image or a folder, pick the size you want to resize it to. The presets can be picked from the Profile drop-down or you can enter a custom size. This is also where you will notice the first problem with the application; it says you can specify both the width and height of your resized image but that isn’t possible without cropping an image which Icecream Image Resizer doesn’t do. You have to manually uncheck either the Width or Height parameter before you proceed.


The application can save the output to the same folder, retain the original image, or save it to a new folder. You can select the output folder from the Save To drop-down. The output folder and language can be managed from the application’s settings.

ImageResizer settings


What we like about this application, apart from the interface, is the size presets and the subtle small actions that are normally taken for granted such as clearing the queue of images, opening the last file or folder that was resized, and also telling users what the size of the new image will be on disk.

What’s not so great about it is that is doesn’t remember the last directory you used after it’s been closed and then restarted so so a user will have to navigate to a folder repeatedly. The application also needs to fix the default check for width and height which tells the user that both these dimensions of an image can be changed. It’s either a bug or a false promise.


  1. Hi. Where did you find malware in this program, who told you this??? You need to check what you are writing. I checked the file with virustotal: 0/57. And the file is more than a month old!

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