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IETester Renders Websites In Different Versions Of Internet Explorer

If you are a web developed who is looking for a way to test his newly designed website on various versions of Internet Explorers, then give IETester a try.

You can select an individual IE version or try testing the design on all versions together. The website will open in each version as a separate tab. From this tool I have concluded that AddictiveTips doesn’t load properly in IE6, the design looks all messed up. Although it  works fine on IE7 and IE8.


There is a DevTools tab from where you can view the source code, but of this option to work you must have DebugBar installed.

Dev Tools Internet Explorer

It is a useful tool, but would have been better if there were added support for Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari too. While testing I found it to be a bit buggy, but nevertheless it will come handy to those testers who are looking to test their website designs on Internet Explorer.

Download IETester

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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