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iExporter – Export iTunes Playlist With A Single Click

Alright, not a single click, but with maybe three clicks you can easily export your iTunes playlist and listen to your music on any other player. iExporter is a free portable opensource tool that lets you export your iTunes playlist instantly. Even a five year old can export the playlist using this tool, seriously.

Note for those who don’t know what exporting means: When you export the playlist, you are in fact exporting the mp3 files which you can play on any other media player.

This is how you do it.

  1. Run iTunes
  2. Run iExporter (Simply extract the zip file and run iExporter.exe)
  3. Click Playlists and select the playlist you want to export
  4. Choose directory where you wan tot save the songs and click Export
  5. iexporter main window 2

It is a dead simple app that everyone should carry on their USB drive. You can run this tool on your friend’s computer, export the playlist to your USB and grow your music collection. Enjoy!

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  • Hey, thanks for the detailed description 🙂
    I’m glad you like my program… during the coming week ( if I have the time ) I’m going to change it a bit more, so that you don’t have to type that stupid export path manually 😉

    • Oh yes, that would be a great addition.

  • Hey Nakodari

    I just release another small tool for iTunes, called iWatchSyncer, now for importing mp3 files! http://iwatchsyncer.codeplex.com/ 😉

  • spikes

    can you just create the playlist according to the location on the music and NOT actually make a copy of all the songs? good stuff though

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  • Andrea

    Hi. My playlist is empty (but I have like 600 songs in ITunes) and my dialog boxes don't look like yours. Can you help me get this to work?