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iGoSyncDocs: Sync Google Docs Across Multiple Computers [Desktop]

iGoSyncDocs is a desktop application that lets users access, download, and upload files to Google Docs across multiple computers. Using this application, you can instantly launch an instance of Google Docs on your computer. All you need is to enter the username and password to your Google Docs account. This tool will then import all your Google Docs files to your PC, allowing you to modify them just the way you like.

To start off with, launch the Java application on your PC. You will be prompted for username/password. Enter the required information and hit Login to proceed. When you hit the Login key, the application will sync and retrieve information from your Google Docs account.


The main interface is actually a Google Docs window right on your desktop. Initially, I thought it would be a make-alike that managed to capture the Google Docs interface. But this application goes beyond that to actually offer many of the useful features of Docs too.


If you right-click on any file, you will get the option to create a new document, presentation or spreadsheet (this option is also accessible from File main menu). From the right-click context menu, you can also choose to upload files from your computer to Google Docs. If you want to download a particular file from Docs to your computer, then just right-click on it and select Download Document. Other options include Star, Hide, Rename and Share. Even the option to share the documents is also there. Just like Google Docs, you can share the document, spreadsheet or presentation that you’ve created with other users, only using this application without having to visit the website.


Wait for the file sharing window to appear. Enter email addresses of users and choose whether they should be able to read or/and write the file. If you want to edit the privileges of an existing user, then right-click on that user and select the appropriate option.


Some functions might not be fully functional, this is largely because the application is still in beta. According to the developer Windows and Linux installer version will be out soon, hopefully with the final release.

Download igoSyncDocs

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