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Image Backup For Windows 8: Create Clone Images Of Your Hard Drive

Regular backup tools only allow you to create backups of files and folders without saving the original folder structure and Master Boot Record information along with them. Even if you select all the files in the folder, you will have to manually place them in their original locations once you decide to restore the package. Image Backups are tools that are designed to backup all information of a disk volume, or the complete hard drive, along with the Master Boot Record, and even the empty space inside a volume. A backup of this kind is helpful in case your hard disk crashes and you cannot afford to manually setup everything in its original form. For instance, if you backup a hard drive volume with complex folder structures, normal backup program will not be able to restore everything in its original form. However, if you create a backup image of the complete volume, everything can be restored in its original state. Image Backup for Windows 8 is a disk-imaging software that allows you to create images of complete volumes and hard disks, and restore them later with all the information intact. Keep reading to find out more about Image Backup for Windows 8.

The application provides you with several backup options, such as Control archive integrity, set image file names automatically in complex archives, change the compression level if the image, enable splitting to avoid archives of massive size making it easier for you to transfer the backup image. Moreover, you can choose to password protect the backup archives, exclude certain file types from the backup and do a lot more.

Before you can download the application, you will need to register on the website. Click the Download Image Backup for Windows 8 for free button, enter the required details, and click Submit. You will receive the download link, a Product Key, and a Serial Number in the provided Email. The program is of around 107 MB so it might take some time to download on slower connections. Enter the Product Key and Serial Number during the installation.

Image Backup for Windows 8 - Download

The main interface of the application has Backup and Restore option in the Backup & Recovery tab, while Transfer Files and Burn Recovery Media feature are available in the Tools tab, accessible from the left side.

Paragon Image Backup for Windows 8

You can select any connected drive to create an image of. Extended options allow you to control the archive integrity, set image file names automatically, enable image splitting for large archives, apply password protection, exclude specific file types from the backup, choose a compression level etc. The destination can be any local or network drive, a physical partition or CD, DVD or BD.

Backup Wizard Options

A report is displayed just before the backup process is started with information related to the objects to archive, their size, compression level and all the other settings selected previously. Click Next to start the backup process.

Backup Wizard Options

Image Backup For Windows 8 works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Download Image Backup For Windows 8


  1. I will try the Paragon software,but have great doubts it will make a bootable image or clone for Windows 8. I use the Windows 7 File rec overy imaging option in 8 but doubt it can be used to restore an image of 8 to a new empty hard drive if or when the source disk fails as they often do. With 1500 GBs of collected games I need a way to do it like I have always done. I read there is a hidden 100MB FAT MSR partition and EFI? partition that do not show up in free Partition Wizard 7.7 which I used to use for disk cloning as well. I was able to reclone win 7 BACK to a broken installation and then repair boot in recovery, but the clone itself boots up as a non genuine copy of windows with no way to use or activate! Missing these secret partitions I guess. Windows 8 clones boot saying “missing Winload.exe”and if you replace it does no good. I bought $58.Macrium Reflect Pro after staff assured me it will clone 7 &8 but DOES NOT on 8 at least in Windows live cloning or from boot up disk! Same Winload error. Maddening! Acronis 2013 free trial of course does NOT allow cloning feature to try,only thing disabled so you have to risk another con job and pay to find out they lie also. I wasted $100 buying their Acronis 2010 full package as it destroyed my source and clone install of XP during cloning At least Ghost admits it cannot clone Windows 8 at this time.

  2. I tried the back-up clone in Win 8 and Acronis; and NEITHER WORKED (on my updated Vista machine). I had to do a full re-install of everything. That took over 48 hours non-stop (except for naps as the machine updated first vista and then re-installing the upgrades for that and office 2007 and all the other programs and data all with updates.
    ALL CLONE PROGRAMS ARE PURE STINKING TRASH. And I have used many of them successfully before in Windows 98, XP and Vista.

  3. Is this not built into Windows 8? It is in Windows 7. No need for a third party imaging program in Windows 7.

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