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Image File Format Converter

The Image Format Converter application has been developed for quick conversion of image files like jpg, bmp, gif, to other types like png, tiff, icon, bmp, gif, jpg, psd, etc.  This tool is not limited to just format conversion, as it also offers very useful image editing options like rotating, resizing, merging, filtering, etc. It uses advanced algorithms for better image editing and conversion.

In order to open a new image go to  File > Load option, and you may convert an already opened image to another format from File > Save option. The image can be zoomed by selecting the zoom level from the  Zoom option. Images can be resized from the Resize option, in this case specify the new width and length of the image.

Image Format Converter

You may modify the brightness, contrast, colors etc of an image from the Filter menu.

Filter- Formate converter

Download Image Format Converter

There are several tools available which perform image conversion and editing, but the Image Format Converter is very simple and easy to use tool which any amateur may use to perform image conversion and editing. It works on all versions of Windows. If you are looking for a way to batch convert image files, then you can read about it here.  Enjoy!

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