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Convert Images To Video

Images to Video is a free portable tool that can quickly convert multiple images into a video. It supports four video formats, avi(mpeg4), wmv, flv, and mov. We previously covered a way to create AVI video from JPEG images, but the procedure has limited functionalities.

With this tool you get the complete control over the conversion process. There can be multiple uses, one of the most important being that you can create high quality Photo Time Lapse.

The usage is easy, all you need to have is some good video codec without which it would be impossible to convert or will be converted to a very bad quality. Choose the folder that contains the images, choose the output destination, select the codec, and frames per second. When all is done, hit Convert.

Images To Video

There are multiple options given in the program, such as, you can choose to include sub-folders as well, delete images after conversion, use software rescale, use same quality and resolution as source images, crop, and select the temp directory.

All-in-all it is one powerful images to video conversion utility. Note, if you do not have good codec pack installed, this tool won’t perform good. I would recommend installing ffdshow video codec with the following settings for AVI video:

Encoder: Mpeg-4
FourCC: Xvid
Mode: One pass – average bitrate
Bitrate: 10000 (which is the highest)

Download Images To Video

What is surprising is that it is loaded with powerful functionalities and is still a portable utility. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


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