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ImageShack Image Uploader

ImageShack has released an official cross-platform bulk image uploading desktop client that allows users to quickly upload multiple images and videos. You can upload the content to either your account or bulk upload it anonymously.

It has a dead-simple GUI and everything can be controlled from the single window. If you want to save the images/videos to your account, then you can login from the box given on top. Add one or more image and video by dragging and dropping them to the box given on the left side. You can also add them using the Add button. On the right side you will find the preview of the selected image, an option to resize the image, the privacy setting(Public or Private), and Tags to add. Once you have selected the files to upload and have set all settings, hit Upload and it will do the rest.

ImageShack Image Uploader

At the end you will find option to batch change privacy settings and batch add tags to all photos. Being an official application, it is worth trying this tool over 3rd party tools that also allow uploading photos to ImageShack.

Download ImageShack Uploader

It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Enjoy!


  1. any way to change default setting of the app ? (i.e not having to set “no tag” every time and default set resolution to 800 x 600 ..

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