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Switcher Is The Right Implementation Of Mac’s Expose On Windows

A while back we reviewed a tool called SmallWindows that provided similar functionality as Mac’s ‘expose’ feature for the Windows platform. The application was no longer in active development and many of our readers reported problems using it. Thanks to our reader ‘John’ for pointing out, we have a much better alternate, a utility called Switcher.

Switcher provides an overview of all your active applications/windows with a hotkey combination, and lets you manage them quickly. It makes jumping between windows a breeze, and you don’t have to scuffle with multiple trial and error runs before getting the right one. See Switcher in action below.


An interesting feature of Switcher is that all active windows show full-size previews, whereas the minimized ones have miniature thumbnails. Your desktop remains dimly visible in the background. Moving mouse over any window will display it’s title.

Switcher runs in the system tray. Double clicking the tray icon will let you edit the program’s settings, including appearance, shortcuts, etc.

Switcher settings

It works with multiple monitors, and also supports searching for applications by simply typing the application’s name when active. Personalization options are plentiful and you can have the previews either as dock, grid, or tiled. It requires Aero to run, so will work only with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Download Switcher


  1. I tried this program before but for some reason it would not accept any mouse shortcuts, and having tried again the same situation obtains. However, smallwindows does work quite happily on my Windows 7 32-bit machine so I’ll stick with that and offer you belated thanks for that recommendation.

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