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Import iTunes Playlists To Modern UI Music App In Windows 8

Apple is not going to release a Modern UI app for Window 8, it’s the desktop version or nothing. If you use an iPhone, or if you’ve switched from an iPhone to a different smartphone, or from a Mac to a Windows 8 computer, your music was probably painstakingly moved to the Modern UI Music App from iTunes. Sadly, there is no way to make the transition easy. Assuming that you’ve moved your music to the new app, you might also want to import the playlists you created in iTunes and thank fully, it is a painless process.

Import From The Same Computer

This method works under the assumption that you have iTunes installed on your computer and are switching from iTunes to the Modern UI Music App. Launch the Music app and look at the left navigation bar under the option to add a new playlist is the option to import playlists.


When clicked, the app will ask for confirmation to search your Music library for playlists and to import them. Click ‘Import playlists’.

confirm import

That’s all there is to it; the app will scan the music library and all playlists will be imported and listed under playlists in the music app.

your playlist

A few things you ought to know before you begin importing playlists; one, the app looks at your music library so regardless of which application you’re importing playlists from, the playlists should be stored in the music library.

Import From One Computer To Another

This method works under the assumption that you’re importing the iTunes playlist from a Mac or from an old computer (possibly one running Windows 7 or Vista) to a computer running Windows 8.

If you’re importing from Mac, go to

/Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml

and copy the XML file.

If you’re importing from Windows 7, or Vista  go to

\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.xml

and copy the XML file.

On your computer running Windows 8, open the Music library, create an  iTunes folder and paste this file there. You can now import playlists using the same method described above. The playlist will show up in the navigation column in its respective section.

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