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Improve Screen Visuals By Controlling Contrast & Brightness

If you have ever faced the issue of trying to watch a video in direct sunlight on an LCD screen, or recording a screencast with loads of background programs making it difficult, or simply, making you lose focus over the actual area of interest on your screen, Kino might help. This tool works in a simple way: it darkens the screen. Yes, all of it, except the area where you want to focus.


Kino’s controls are minimal. When you run the program, it will animatedly darken all of the screen and prompt with the controls as shown above. The bar at the bottom allows the user to control the darkness/contrast, while ‘change area’ will let you choose which area to leave unaffected. On top, you have the choice between selecting only the work area (minus taskbar) or keep the program ‘always top most’. Last, you may close Kino through the cross altogether.

It also works on a multi-monitor setup. In my testing, the software did display some noticeable lag, which was a little irritating. Otherwise, it ran fine on my Windows 7 32-bit machine.

Download Kino

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