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Increase Laptop Battery Performance With Aerofoil [Windows]

As a laptop ages, its battery begins to weaken. No matter how well you take care of it, no matter what steps you take, the battery is bound to weaken because that’s how they are built. Hence the importance of power management on such a machine increases perhaps twice as much as it would on a new one.

Windows 7 comes with default battery profiles, but they lack automation. This discrepancy is overcome by using a small program Aerofoil, which performs automatic power management functions for your laptop.


This tiny tool changes your laptop’s power profiles depending on the power source. For example, as soon as the laptop goes to battery power, it changes profile to Power Saver. Plug it back in and the profile will jump back to whatever you have configured in the setup.


There’s even more. When Power Saver profile is active, the software disables Aero Glass for desktop, and can optionally mute sound and disable Windows sidebar if you have chosen for that to happen. Switching to another profile will automatically switch these features back on.

Aerofoil is a handy utility for laptop owners looking to get the maximum juice out of their aging machines. It was tested by us on Windows 7 32-bit OS. In case you get an error message about a missing msvcp100.dll when starting Aerofoil for the first time, please download MS Visual C++ redistributable from Microsoft for free – both for x64 and for x86 systems.

Download Aerofoil


  1. Uh, windows 7 does this by default… it even gives you a notification if you haven’t set it up and you pull the power cord out… “advanced power system” has done this for over a decade on windows machines…

    • genewitch is totally right, all of this stuff comes out of the box with Windows 7 and has been around for a long time.

      This software has a slightly simpler interface which might be its only advantage.

      I’d recommend battcursor. Does everything above but has some more advanced features.


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