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Indexo – Add Index To File Names, Sort Files By Ascending Name

Indexing helps in identifying and retrieving searched items quickly from a computer. Indexing items can be quite useful and time saving as any desired file(s) or folder(s), can be easily located in system searches. Indexo is a portable application that can be used to change file name to indexed names, add index to file names, create an index format and to copy files to a destination under a specific index format.

To add files or folders to appear in an ascending order in the index, select Files or Folders checkbox from the left sidebar of the main interface. Now import specified or all files or folders by clicking on the respective buttons in the middle of the interface. The first button (with four arrows) allows transferring all files within a selected folder to an index, whereas the rest of the two buttons allow shifting of selected items only. Like wise the last the buttons allows deselecting of all or checked files. After selecting files and folders to be added to the index in ascending order, click Apply. To preview changes before applying them, click on the Checkered Flag button.


To create a new Index format, select a format name and type from the format option on the right hand side of the interface. You can also save your index settings via the Save Settings And Project Data Entry button (Floppy Drive Image button). To make amendments to saved setting, click on the button next to this button(Green arrow button) and load the saved file.

Index Format

Indexo can be quite helpful for indexing files by creating custom index formats and arranging file or folder types in ascending order for quick identification and discovery during system searches. This application was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS.

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