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Record & Stream Over 20,000 Stations With inLight Radio

Web and desktop applications that let you tune in to your favorite radio stations are not hard to find. We have covered numerous radio streaming applications in the past, X-Screamer Radio and ClickGaGa, just to name a few. Recently, I came across another similar desktop application called inLight Radio, which offers 20,000+ radio stations from around the world. Apart from listening to your favorite tunes, you can easily record and save songs to your PC, add custom radio stations, view cover art for the current track, listen to podcasts encoded in MP3, ACC, OGG, WMA and other formats. In addition, you also have equalizer presets including Pop, Jazz, Classic & Rock, and other audio controls to change the audio output quality.

As of this writing, the database houses a total of 21310 unique stations. You can peek at the Station Title, Country, Genre and Language. The navigation controls can be found at the bottom of the window, which include Stop, Previous, Next, Record, Favorites, Mute, Options and Exit. The application also contains a dynamic graphic visualizer and you may cycle through different patterns by just clicking it. The search bar at the top right is quite handy to instantly find your favorite radio stations.

inLight Radio

inLight Radio lets you add any station to your favorites list. Simply right-click any item from the list and select Add to my Favorites. The context menu also contains Play, Details, Select Source and View station on Websites options.

inLight Radio_Favorites

Clicking Details, for instance, pops up the Station details window. You can modify any station’s information from within this window, which even includes adding or removing Source URLs.

Station details - inLight Radio

Another great feature I found was that it lets you switch to Compact mode, leaving you with only the navigation buttons and graphic visualizer.

inLight Radio_Compact

The system tray menu can help control the application even when it’s not in focus. For example, you may tweak Equalizer, setup Sleep Timer, change Language, Skip the current station and so on. Clicking Options provides access to the settings panel. 

inLight Radio_System Tray

Options window carries various application specific configurations in General, Display, Theme, Recording and Advanced sections. You may change the destination directory for recordings, for instance, and modify the global hotkeys.

Options - inLight Radio

The application is available as Free and Paid versions. The latter boasts some extra features, like Media Player, Radio Remote, unlimited items in Favorites list and more, and costs $8.99 only. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We tested it on Windows 7 64-bit.

Download inLight Radio


  1. And how ironic… that none of those who harped about Inradio, exist. (along with the app itself), but Radiosure does.

    I know this is an ancient thread, but I was interested in this app, hence checked it out to find that it (wait for it)… doesn’t exists.

  2. The only thing Radio Sure has going is the ability for skins. inLight Radio is way better in every way! Options, Features, Album covers, Lyrics shall I go on? inLight Radio is not skinnable but it will be in a major 2 WPF. Besides IR is developing most all versions for all platforms.

  3. Gregg I guess everyone is in titled to there own opinion so maybe you are in the wrong country sir? USA you say or Russia. No offense but Radio sure is not even in development and ELO is still trying to find someone to develop a mobile radio sure LMAO
    And seriously . NET if you do not already have it WTF are you even doing using windows?
    Come on guys ! this is 2013 not 1994 in good old Win 98 days!

  4. [sigh] I dunno…

    …I still prefer Radio Sure.

    That said, don’t get me wrong, this app looks pretty cool. But Radio Sure, in my opinion, remains best-of-breed.

    Just my $.02 worth… which, it’s worthy of note, my ex-wife will happily attest tends to be about ALL it’s worth!

    Still… good tip, as usual for this website.


    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    • @PeterM: So what? Seriously. Sothehell what?

      I just can’t get over the insensible revulsion that some people — usually Linux-loving, Microsoft-hating purists — have for the .NET framework. In precisely what way is having to have that installed any different from having to have the Java Runtime installed? Linux-lovers seem to have no problem with THAT! And, believe me, Java’s no less of a behemoth… at least not anymore. Moreover, Java’s sloppy about housekeeping, and will fail to uninstall old versions as new versions are installed (even though all new versions backwardly-compatibly run all old code), thereby unnecessarily using-up more and more hard drive space; and also necessitating the use of such as the (gratefully freeware) “Java Ra” utility to keep track of and remove ’em!

      The .NET framework doesn’t harm a Windows machine, or its security, one single bit… at least not any more than any OTHER part of Windows. And anyone who relies on Windows, itself, for security has fallen on his/her head too many times in life. One must always, no matter what, use a good firewall, good anti-malware, a controllable DNS (such as OpenDNS), browser anti-tracking plug-ins, a HOSTS file, an ad-blocker, etc. — all freeware — to protect one’s Windows machine. Always! So, then, if one does that, then the .NET framework, as a part of Windows, is no more nor less secure than Windows, itself.

      Don’t get me wrong: I hate Microsoft, too… more since Windows 8 than ever before! But it is what it is; and since end-users don’t really have much of a choice (and, to be clear, neither iOS, nor Linux — no matter the distro — are reasonable end-user choices on the desktop, I don’t care what ANYONE says) I wishtohell that the Linux and/or iOS (but mostly Linux) snobs around here would stop misleading impressionable and non-geeky end-users with unfounded, only-a-geek-would-care warnings about the .NET framework!!!

      STOP IT!

      The .NET framework is harmless. The only thing that one must remember about it is that once it’s installed, DO NOT EVER TRY TO REMOVE/UNINSTALL IT! Nothing will goof-up a Windows machine like trying to uninstall a .NET framework version. Oh, sure, they come with uninstallers, but, trust me on this: NEVER USE THEM! Once a .NET framework is installed, consider it “welded” into Windows such that removing it would be worse than if it had never been installed at all. Just remember that simple caveat, and there’s nothing — and I mean NOTHING — to worry about with the .NET framework. Nothing!

      So, please, spare us the anti-Microsoft elitiism. My 56 years of life — more than 35 of which have been in IT, during which I’ve worked on every OS that ever existed — is here to attest that anti-.NET warnings are based on nothing rational; and they just mislead people. It needs, at long last, to stop.

      Hope that helps (at least SOMEONE around here).

      Gregg L. DesElms
      Napa, California USA
      gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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