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Instametrogram Is A Windows 8 Instagram App With Geotagged Map View

Instametrogram may seem like just another Instagram app at first sight, but deep down it’s packed with some really great features, set in a pretty decent interface. This Windows Store app lets Windows 8 and RT users browse and save their Instagram photos with ease. In addition, you can gaze at popular images shared by other Instagramers around the globe without having to sign up for an account with the service. Just click the Read More button for our full review.

The name Instametrogram is obviously inspired from Instagram and Metro interface of Windows 8. When you launch it, you’re presented with thumbnail tiles of popular photos shared on Instagram. You can simply keep browsing these photos even if you don’t have an Instagram account, but those with an account can can sign in with it using the Login at the bottom-left.


After signing in, you can easily browse your feeds, likes, follows and more. The app basically provides you with all the features of a full Instagram client, sans its photo uploading capability. You can also click the minuscule (-) button at the bottom-right corner in Windows 8 (or use pinch to zoom gesture on RT) to zoom out. This gives a birds eye view of different sections of the app, namely Feed, MyFeed, MyLikes, MyFollows and Popular.

Instametrogram_User Screen

Like many other Instagram apps we’ve previously covered, Instametrogram also allows you to like photos and post comments on them if you wish. One really cool feature of the app is that is displays and pinpoints the map location of images with geotagging information. The app uses Bing API to display the maps.


Photos can be viewed in full-screen mode as well. In addition, you can click ‘Save image’ in the app bar to download any photo to your local storage. While not a unique feature since many other apps now offer this option, it’s good to have it on board.


Another way to browse photos is using the map. This feature marks the locations of different photos on the map with thumbnails. You can freely navigate this map while browsing any images that you like.


All in all, it’s a pretty handsome Instagram app for Windows 8 and RT platform. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit OS edition.

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