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Instant Screen Capture, Upload And Sharing

Screen captures are one of the most widely used features from a computer user’s point of view. In some capacity, they are used by almost everyone. We have covered a few tools in this category, and yet there is always a new tool that offers something new, something different. So holds true with Gyazo.

Its a small, lightweight tool whose developer dubs it to be ‘seriously instant screen-grabbing”. When launched, the application turns the mouse pointer to a crosshair. Drag and select the area you want captured, and the moment you release the mouse button, captured area gets uploaded to Gyazo’s servers and the URL copied to clipboard.


You’d be justified in asking, what’s the point? First, Gyazo makes screenshot sharing a complete breeze. With the uploaded image, other than sharing the URL manually, you have 3 buttons to share on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr directly. The screenshot taking process is really simple, and also shows the pixel resolution of the screen area being captured. Furthermore, if you drop any images on the Gyazo icon on your desktop, they instantly get uploaded to Gyzao.

On the downside, you cannot modify or even delete any uploaded images as of yet.

Gyazo is available for Windows 2000 through Windows 7, and also for Mac and Linux.

Download Gyazo

You may also consider trying ScreenCatch or Screenshoter as alternatives.


  1. Nice tool. Both the alternatives you mentioned at the end look useful too. Here’s one more called Screenpresso, which has some neat functions and lets you upload screenshots to Twitter directly. Plus, it’s free!

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