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Interactive Theater: Script Editor With An Integrated Media Player

We all appreciate fascinating storylines in movies, videogames, television shows and theatres – and sometimes most of us dream of creating our own, as they say “Everyone has a story to tell”. Most of the writers who want to start working on stories get befuddled, not knowing where to start and how to start it. If you were looking for a simple tool that could help you in script writing for various media projects, you should consider giving Interactive Theater a shot. As every great story is backed by a powerful and exciting script, this software is developed to make script writing a lot easier, so you can focus more on the actual writing . It lets you play script-related media files from within the application, while allowing you to write script in a separate rich text editor. The software is more than capable and quite handy for those writers who often work on parody projects and theater shows etc.  What’s more, all this comes with an extra topping of ergonomically friendly interface design. Read past the break for more details.

There are three main sections that define it’s core functionality; a script editor, media controller and a toolbar. The toolbar lets you adjust basic formatting of your text such as typeface, font size, font color, bold, italic, underline, bullets etc., along with quick access shortcuts.

Interactive Theater

The volume control slider present at the right side of the window lets you manually adjust the volume of your currently playing media file. You can also use the Fade controls to let it automatically increase or decrease the volume to create a fade effect.

Volume Control

It enables you to add any audio or video file by clicking Add multimedia file on the toolbar. You can control media file playback using the navigation panel present within the media control section itself. As stated earlier, you may  easily play the specified media file while writing scripts. This feature may help you to create scripts according to the loaded audio or video file.

Using Video

Furthermore, it has an Add Command console, which can be accessed from the toolbar. What it does is, lets you automate certain event types by adding simple command operations like Stop Video/Audio, Play Video/Audio, Fade out Slow, Project On, Projector Off etc.

Add command

Use the download link below to grab the application. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Interactive Theater

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