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Internet Connection Tester

Every one of us faces problem with internet connectivity every now and then. In such situations, you usually open the command prompt and ping any famous site like yahoo, google, msn etc. Once the internet comes back, you start to get the ping reply. Internet Tester is a  little tool which continuously pings an internet address to let you know if the internet connectivity is back or not.

It is a light-weight portable utility, launch it and enter the internet host you wish to ping.

Internet Tester

Hit Go it will sit on the taskbar and ping the host. Once it receives a successful ping response, it will consider that your internet connectivity is up now, and will display a message.

Internet Tester Update

Guess what else it can be used for? To find out if a website is down or not.

Download Internet Tester [You will find this app listed on the middle of the page along with the list of other apps by the developer]

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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