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Web Captor Is Dead Simple IE 8 Snapshot Add-on

We reviewed an addon for Mozilla Firefox which can be used to capture screenshots of any web page. Today we came across yet another add-on called Web Captor, which works perfectly with Microsoft Internet Explorer that lets you take a snapshot of any web page.

Once you install this addon you will see an icon in the tool bar.

Web Captor

Click this icon and and it will launch a couple of options, whether you want to capture the whole web page or only the current visible area, choose whichever one you desire.

Capture Entire WebpageIt will capture the screenshot of the webpage and ask you to browse and save it in whatever image format you want.

WebCaptor save image

The available formats to save an image are BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG.

Download Web Captor

We tested it on Internet Explorer 8. Hopefully, it will work with earlier versions of the Internet Explorer as well.


  1. You guys are completely missing the point. Yes, I use screengrab for firefox but what about when the problem exists only in IE? Yes, the snipping tool is included with Windows 7 but it DOES NOT capture the entire web page. It will only capture what is visible in the window. This tool will capture the entire web page (including very long web pages).

    • And what about those of us that are not using Win 7? Many corporate environments still use Win XP, and we still need a way to capture screenshots, especially those of us in IT? Also, some website require the use of IE and a tool specifically for IE is necessary that will work on XP.

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