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Inverted Image: Easy-To-Use Mirror & Wave Effect Tool For Photos

Applying effects on images is something a lot of us do in our free time. Photoshop is something a lot of us have heard about, but only a few of us know its usage. On the bright side of the story however, there are multiple web-based and desktop tools available to apply amateur, as well as some professional, effects to your images. Albeit these tools are available in great numbers, some of them are quite unique. Some days ago, we covered TiltShiftGenerator, an application for Windows that lets you add the hard-to-come-by tilt shift effect to any photo. Continuing the trend, today we have a Mirror Image Tool called Inverted Image that allows you to apply the inverted reflection in water effect, as well as the wave effect to your images. It supports all the popular file formats, which most of the other applications of this nature do, such as PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF etc. The application allows you to specify the position of the reflection from top, down, left and right of the original image. Moreover, you can adjust the size, transparency and color of the image background. Read on to find out more about Inverted Image, including a few screenshots.

The program sports a simple user interface, which has options to apply and tweak the effect on the image, and they are neatly stacked in the Standard and Additional tabs available on the right side, while the image appears to the left. The Standard tab has settings to change the Position, Space between the original and inverted image, Size of the mirror effect, Transparency, and Color of the inverted image.

Inverted Image 2.3.0 Free version

If you switch over the Additional tab, you can apply the Wave effect on the mirrored image. There are options to Remove Alpha Channel and set the Background Fill Color, as well as specify the Amplitude, Wave Length and Phase of the wave effect.

Wave Effect

To save the image, click Save As from the top. If you select Advanced while saving, you can change the JPEG Quality of the image ad view its Original Size, Compressed Size and a preview of how the compression is going to effect the image quality.

Parameters Preview

Inverted Image is a simple to use software that does what it is supposed to do, in a user-friendly manner. The application is available in multiple languages and works on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Inverted Image

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