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IP Seizer Prevents IP Conflict By Tracing Available IPs On A Network

System And Network Administrators who work on networks with hundreds of computers often find it difficult to trace the range of IP addresses currently in use. I have personally worked on such a network and despite the fact that we had VLANs (Virtual LANs) to ensure that the hundreds of connected systems were never short of an IP range, yet it was often difficult to track what IPs were in use. As the setup on that network was VOIP based, therefore if e.g. 20 computers were connected to a VLAN, there were 20 IPs reserved from the same range for SIP phones (connected to each computers). For example, if a computer had the IP, the SIP phone had the IP This meant that many IP ranges were constantly in use. On such networks it is not always easy to keep a documentation of the active IPs. At the same time when a new IP is to be assigned, one might have to Ping several IPs or check them from a server, in order to determine available IPs. IP Seizer is a small tool that resolves this problem. It has a simple and comprehensive interface that allows quickly looking up active IPs from an entered IP range. This enables identifying the free IPs from a specified range.

For example, if you wish to assign an IP to a computer with the range and wish to check which IP is available, simply launch IP Seizer, enter the IP range and click on the Start button. This will display the IPs currently being utilized from that range and therefore, will allow identifying the available ones. This result for the convenience of future reference can be saved as a text file from the Save button. Other option include, opening the result in Internet Explorer, the Windows explorer, clearing the search result and printing it. The timeout in milliseconds can also be defined when querying computers.

IP Seizer v1.01 Beta

With the help of IP Seizer, you can easily check free IPs (from a range), find out what IP is assigned to which host device (e.g. router, server, DHCP, etc). The list of computer names makes it easier to identify assigned devices. Moreover, being able to view the MAC address with the device is of immense convenience as it can help in managing VLAN configurations.

IP Seizer can be a valuable resource which can help avoid IP conflicts, as well as managing IP and naming conventions on networks. As I am sure that the last thing one would want is an IP conflict of an employees computer with that of the GMs laptop.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download IP Seizer

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