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iPhone File Browser/Explorer Quickly Transfers Files To/From iPhone

Want to transfer files to iPhone or vice versa? There are tons of file managers out there which can be used to transfer files to and from iPhone, but nothing is more simpler than iPhone Explorer. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

All you have to do is connect iPhone with your computer and start iPhone Explorer. There is a build-in option to edit a file, such as delete and rename. You can also create a new folder, by right-clicking anywhere and selecting New Folder. It works on the the principle of dragging and dropping, to copy a file to or from an iPhone simply drag & drop it to the desired location and it will start copying itself.

iphone explorer and browser Click the above screenshot to enlarge

For starters, you will find your media files in the following directory:


It not only works on latest iPhone, but also works on all previous versions of iPhone and iPod Touch devices. What is remarkable is that it is quite small in size, has fast file transfer, and allows you to access root(after showing a warning).

Download iPhone Explorer

The supported Windows OS are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, while Mac OS X 10.5 or later are supported. Enjoy!


  1. This iExplorer is worthless. Very pure design. When you try to mount folder gives you an error at all times and chrashes too. Don’t waist your money like I did. Support is non existing even thou they offer. It’s a joke.

  2. Hey, for you guys having problems with iphone Explorer, I found a simple solution for the crashing and not being able to transfer anything EVEN IN ADMINISTRATOR MODE: Download the older version. I am using the and it works perfectly on windows 7 ultimate. The newer version is prettier and you can see your apps files with it (not possible with the older version), but with 0.9 you can at least transfer files (songs, docs, photos, anything else) between devices or computers without problems that may be happening to you like happened to me. You might wanna try it 😉

  3. Hi guys

    i have a problem and was hoping that you guys maybe can help me?

    is it possible to like use iphone explore and go in on the phone and find the mobile company lock on the phone and remove it?

    if it is how du i do that and how do i remove it?

  4. This app has so many bugs in it, a simple drag and drop makes it crash. It can’t rename folders. It’s really a joke of an app.

  5. iPhone Explorer is nice, but unfortunately Intel-only. My Google mojo seems to have left me when searching for the tons of other file browsers for non-jailbroken iPhones – do you know one that works on a G5?

  6. please i bought a fairly used ipone and whant to syc it with my laptop, i now discovered that once i do that all the applications that was purchased by the original owner will be replaced with the once i have already downloaded, can i use iphone explorer to transfer the purchased applications into my system, cos itune is telling me it cannot copy since i authenticated it with the free profile.please help me before i loose my applications

  7. I’m using iphone browser for windows but I can not see the photos copied from my computer to my iphone, I can see all the files in the browser but not in the iphone after disconect it.

    •  I can copy from iPhone to PC, but after copying from PC to iPhone, it will not show on iPhone although shows up on iPhoneExplorer.  I’m using version on WinXP.

  8. ” . . nothing is more simpler than . .”


    ‘simpler’ is already more simple, so you don’t need to use ‘more’ in this phrase.

  9. Am I missing it, or does this review not include an actual *link* to the software’s homepage, for more info or to download….

    Google should not be needed here when reviewing a specific piece of software.


  10. Does it work before or after jailbreak on the iPhone?

    What media files are supported? (mp3, mp4, ringtone, etc)

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