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iTunes 11.0.3 Brings Revamped MiniPlayer & Better Album Management

Forget its status as the iOS management suite; iTunes is among the most popular music players on desktops. After all, not many players let you purchase songs and albums from right within them. When it comes to features, iTunes is good enough to hold its own against any competitor. The only area where it was slightly lacking was the interface, but that issue was addressed pretty efficiently in the iTunes 11 visual overhaul. The MiniPlayer was among the features that got a complete makeover in the November update, and people liked it so much that there have even been attempts to emulate MiniPlayer view on iPhone and iPod touch devices. Apparently, even the existing MiniPlayer wasn’t good enough for Apple, despite its popularity, and that is why it has been tweaked a little more in the latest iTunes update. There can be no denying the fact that MiniPlayer changes constitute a large part of the iTunes 11.0.3 change log, but there are other changes as well, including more efficient management for albums with multiple disks and and a ‘Song View’ that looks better than ever.


iTunes 11.0.3 Progress Bar

The UI of the player hasn’t changed a great deal on the surface, but there are a few subtle changes that are sure to improve the listening experience for iTunes users. In the album info view of the player, a volume button has been added, which brings up a slider. When it comes to control view, the change might not be perceivable immediately, but the newly added seek bar is something that a lot of people have been craving to see in the iTunes MiniPlayer for a long time. You can easily skip to any part of the song using this bar, and there is no need to switch to the full view just because you don’t like the starting part of a track.

Song View

iTunes 11.0.3 Old Song View

Clicking the album art takes you to the Song View, but it is not the view you might be used to. Previously, Song View had an interface that was a bit different compared to other areas of the music player, as you can see in the screenshot above. The UI looked a bit old-fashioned, and there was no integration for the new ‘Up Next’ feature. All this has changed now though, and Song View is much neater than before.

iTunes MiniPlayer

In iTunes 11.0.3, this view has volume controls in a new place, right next to the playlist icon and the search button. This search button lets you quickly find a song from your library without having to revert to the maximized view. You can also manage the Up Next list by using the arrow located in the top-right corner.

Albums With Multiple Disks

Previously, it was not possible for iTunes to distinguish between separate albums, and music on separate disks belonging to the same album. This small yet annoying quirk has finally been addressed in the 11.0.3 update, and the music player now keeps you library much neater than it did before.

As is the case with almost any update, iTunes 11.0.3 also carries some minor bug fixes and performance improvements. You can give it a go by heading to the link provided below.

Download iTunes


  1. Song View window is now limited to 400X400 pixels, so there’s now no way to even see hi-res album art.

  2. The only area where it was slightly lacking was the interface.. really? The main issue with iTunnes is: bloated and sluggish in Windows.. if I don’t have an iPhone, this is the last software that I want to install to my laptop..

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