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JMC Photo Resizer Is A Simple Yet Useful Image Resizer For Windows

Image resizing comes in very handy especially if you run a website and need to constantly upload images to the internet. Larger size means that the image will take more time to upload, will consume more space on your website, and resultantly, people visiting your website will have to wait longer for the images to download and get displayed on their systems. You can check out some very good image resizing applications for Windows, such as Image Resizer and Free Resizer. Back in 2009, we reviewed an image viewing application called JMC Photo Gallery, which we liked so much that we rated it as an alternative to Windows Live Gallery and Picasa. The same developer has come up with an image resizer, JMC Photo Resizer, and we thought we’d check it out and review it for you guys. Read on to find out more about JMC Photo Resizer.

The application allows you to resize images, and that’s it. It lets you drag and drop multiple files at a time and resize them. What this application has different from the rest of the lot, is that each set of images that you grab for different locations is displayed under a different title. Once the images are added, you have the option to select and deselect the required images for resizing from all the available ones.

The interface of the application has each option placed neatly into four steps. Step 1 has Add or Drag&Drop button to add images to the application. Step 2 has Select All, Deselect All and Select Inverse options to choose only the images that you need to resize. Step 3 has Resize button, allowing you to select the mode and resolution of the resized images, and Step 4 has Result Folder button to specify where to save the resized images.

JMC Photo Resizer

Hitting the Resize button lets you choose the Max Width and Height of images, as well as select the Resize Type from Regular, Stretch, Crop and Padding.

Program Manager_2012-01-25_15-49-18

JMC Photo Resizer flawlessly resizes images, but it can be a lot more useful if the developer includes some more options, such as maintaining the sharpness of the image when increasing or decrease the images size, and options to choose an output format. We hope that the developer adds these features in the next update. The application has a memory footprint of around 90 MB, and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download JMC Photo Resizer

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