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Join / Combine Multiple Text Files With Text File Joiner

Text File Joiner is a straightforward application for joining a set of text files. Joining multiple files becomes necessary when you’re dealing with a large number of text files which are related with each other. Since manually joining their content is a tiresome job, as one has to perform copy & paste operations multiple times to join files together. Text File Joiner brings ease in such situations by offering you an instant way for joining files in bulk.

The minuscule interface has two buttons at each side – Select File(s) and Save Combined. First, select text files which you need to join. Once the list is populated, you have two options available alongside – Separate file content by space and Insert Original file name at the beginning. You can enable these options to perform their respective actions. At the bottom of the window, there are two file position controllers, which can be used to change the sequence of files to be joined. Once settings are in place, click Save Combined button.

join text

It will join all the selected files and prompt you to choose another set of files to join them. By default, it creates joined file by a name of Combined at any user-defined location. Down the wire, if you need to split up the file again, you can use Simple Text Splitter, which offers a wide list of features and tools to customize the text file splitting.

Text File Joiner runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Text File Joiner

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