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Jokosher – Free Multi-Track Recording Software

Jokosher is an advanced yet simple cross-platform multi-track recorder. It is a tool developed for both music enthusiasts and producers. You can add a range of different instruments and give them a unique name. Add an already recorded audio track, mix them, record your own voice, and more.

Editing such as trimming, splitting and moving is quite a breeze. It also includes a muti-track volume mixing with VU sliders. To begin, you first need to create a new project, give it a name, choose the folder where it should be saved, give Author a name, and then create a custom project template.

Jokosher New Project

I am not a music freak with tons of instrument, therefore I wasn’t able to record any instrument. But since I was able to test out the Audio file later, editing seemed to look quite easy. You can also use this tool as an audio editor and converter.


The thing I liked about this tool is its user interface, it looked simple yet has advanced features deep inside. To get the full list of features, documentation on how to use it, and more hit the link below.

Download Jokosher

It works on Windows And Ubuntu. You will also find separate openSUSE and Source package. Enjoy!

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