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Now Manage Multiple Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net Accounts With Joukuu Plus [Giveaway]

A while back, we covered Joukuu which brings the utility of managing 3 widely used cloud storage services, namely, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net on desktop. Back then, we reviewed the Lite version which was in beta testing phase and had a lot of account management related issues. Now the product is finally out of beta, providing stable and relatively more responsive environment to manage your uploads. The Lite version is mainly targeted toward those who have a single account on supported services and don’t want extra features other than basic file management, including, add and remove files and folders, backup files, move files between added services via drag & drop.

If Joukuu Lite doesn’t include features you’ve been looking for, try out Joukuu Plus. Joukuu Plus has been specifically designed keeping the needs of heavy cloud storage services users in mind. The biggest advantage of Plus over Lite version is that it you can add as many accounts of any supported services as you want. You can for instance add multiple Google Docs and Dropbox accounts to move, share, trace and manage data across the added accounts without having to manually log in to each account from their websites.

Note: Joukuu Plus is a paid application, which costs $59.99. We are giving away 10 licenses to lucky readers. More information is provided at the end of this review.

Unlike the free lite version, you can add multiple Google Docs, Box.net, and Dropbox accounts and access them with one click. Furthermore, categories can be added and removed from users. The small cross-imaged button lets you add new categories.

joukuu plus main 1

The most noticeable improvement is inclusion of search bar, which is powerful enough to produce search results in real-time. Its best usage can be observed when you select all accounts followed all files from left side and enter keywords to filter files and folders across all the added accounts.

joukuu search 1

The right-click context menu lets you rename, delete, open with favorite program, share, change category and sync file.

right-click menu

Joukuu can seamlessly share files and folders according to the permissions granted by each supported service. The Google Docs sharing console lets you choose sharing type and permissions before you add recipients/collaborators.

google docs share 2

Many desktop cloud storage managers don’t allow users to remove files but Joukuu lets you not only delete files from any account but enables you to quickly empty account by removing all the files and folders.

joukuu 3

The Backup to Windows right-click context menu lists all your accounts to backup any selected files and folders.


To remove accounts, set proxy server settings, and edit custom categories, open Settings from main interface.

joukuu preferences 1

You can watch introductory video of Joukuu below.

All in all, Joukuu Plus provides the best centralized system to upload, download, delete, and manage Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net cloud files. However, it must be noted that moving files between is no longer available in both lite and plus version. Hopefully, the developer will add an option to move files and folders between added accounts. As of now, Joukuu Plus is only available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be out soon. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Joukuu Plus


Want a license? This giveaway will only last for 24 hours. Participation is simple; you need to either follow us at @addtips and tweet the giveaway (also leave the link of the tweet in the comments box below), or leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us why you need this app. We will pick up 10 winners randomly!

Update: The giveaway has ended, the winners are being selected and will be handed over the license keys.


  1. Stay away from Joukuu….i wasted my money based on this article. Their product does not work and customer support is horrible. 

  2. I’d love to win a license. As a heavy cloud storage services user I am well aware of the pain handling those multiple accounts can be. Joukuu Plus would definitely make my life much easier. Thnx so much in advance!

    Here are the requested links:

    1. http://twitter.com/#!/addtips/status/103090958438109185
    2. http://twitter.com/#!/Testeressa/status/103156600218451969


    Hope to be among the winners!

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