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Just Gestures – Use Mouse Gestures To Control Windows Functions

Do you use mouse more than keyboard to fiddle around with basic Windows functions? If yes, you might love to try a mouse gesture application which enables user to draw selected shape over the application window to perform some specific functions. Such application comes useful for users who hate using keys, for example Alt + F4 to close window, for basic application windows functions. Just Gesture is a brilliant mouse gesture application which encourages you to use mouse for performing a wide range of functions. With this app, you can draw a shape to invoke Google search in your favorite browser, close active application window from any corner, jump between opened tabs, and do a lot more.

Before starting out, go through the wizard for setting up and understand the complete functionality. It takes less than a minute to get a hang of important gestures that you might want to try. Once you’ve understood the shapes, close the wizard to minimize the application to Windows system tray. Right-click button is a main player here, all that is needed is to draw the shape to execute respective function. You can rehearse by using mouse gestures which you’ve learnt in initial wizard to execute the commands.

To learn a new gesture or change the existing ones, bring it up from system tray menu and click the function from the list present at left side to either learn or modify the gesture.

gesture 22

Unlike previously covered Mouse gesture applications, such as, gMote and Scrybe, it is very responsive and, fortunately, acts as directed. When you are about to finish emulating mouse gestures, it will show you the small informational window showing the associated function.

search via google

close 2

All the mouse gestures can be disabled from system tray menu. To change gesture drawing colors and other general behaviors, click Settings icon to bring up Options window.

settings 3

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are available.

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