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JustUnFollow: Analyze Your Twitter Followings & Remove Non-Followers [Web]

Finding people who unfollow you on Twitter isn’t an easy task, but a web application called JustUnFollow can make things easier. JustUnfollow is a simple Twitter app to find people who unfollow you or don’t follow you back. With it, you can find your fans, check if a particular user follows you & whitelist other non-followers. The app is really easy-to-use, as it quickly finds and displays all your twitter unfollowers in a list. Additionally, other types of filters can also be applied. The app works seamlessly and finds each and every person who unfollowed you. You can then unfollow users that you want to. Note that free accounts can unfollow up to 50 users in a day. JustUnfollow lets you manage your Twitter account more effectively and makes sure you get rid of all that extra clutter.

Editor’s Note: It might not be all that appropriate to unfollow someone just because they don’t follow you back. Nevertheless, it is the user’s own choice to decide that.

To start off, you just need to login and click the Show non followers button. The app will then quickly find all the unfollowers, as well as users who do not follow you back.



The app displays a list of non-followers, you can then view info about each and unfollow those you think are not worth following. You will also be able to select other filter options from the drop-down menu, such as Fans, Inactive following, All Following, WhiteList, BlackList, Friend Check and more. These categories allow you to view the activity of people on Twitter in a unique and interesting way.

non follower


JustUnfollow is a smart tool that lets you apply various filters and eradicate from your timeline those that are not following you back. We recommend all regular Twitter users to definitely give JustUnfollow a try!

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  1. Thank you so much for profiling us here! On a bigger screen, justunfollow provides a column approach where you can see non followers, fans, inactive users etc. all at the same time. Our aim is to help users clean up their timeline by making it easy for them to decide whom to unfollow.

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