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Keep All Applications Up-To-Date With Glarysoft Software Update

Software installed on our computer often require being updated to work properly. There are three problems that usually arise here, some applications have check of update disabled by default, some do not have this option integrated, and even if all your applications have the built-in option to check for updates, knowing which one is updated requires you to open them all turn by turn. If you want to keep all your applications up-to-date at all times, regardless of which ones you most frequently use, Software Update by Glarysoft helps you keep track of updates installed software on your computer. Software Update lets you check and download updates for installed software rather than having to deal with several periodic prompts from multiple applications. You can also schedule a time to check and receive updates. When an update is available for an application, you are provided with information and a download link from the Glarysoft software library, where all the latest software update information are submitted and stored.

Once the application is launched, it quickly starts scanning your computer for currently installed application and displays respective application updates. Click update link present above Refresh button to download updates of  programs.

Software Update

This will redirect you to a page on the GlarySoft website (via your default browser). You will be provided with the updated version, ratings, and download link for the software. Click the Download button or application name to get desired updates. This mechanism ensures that software updates will not automatically get installed, handy for people who prefer keeping older versions of a few applications.

Updated software

You can click Settings from the main menu to automatically start Software Updates at Windows logon, set a time for checking updates (e.g. every 12 hours, every day, every 4 days, every week, every month, etc). If you have a Glarysoft account, you can also ask questions, leave comments on latest software update. It seems that Glarysoft is trying to build a community for its users where they can rate applications, ask questions and provide answers. By default you are logged in as guest with limited privileges.


It is worth mentioning here that Software Updates seems to be in its early development stage and for this reason some software update links may not work. This is because the GlarySoft library may not have been updated as yet for the particular software. Software Updates works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Software Updates


  1. I would recommend the update checker from filehippo.com you run it whenever you want to. It doesn’t automatically download anything, it just takes you to a webpage with links to all of the updated versions of the applications that you have installed. Then it’s your choice whether or not to download and install them. It can also show you Beta versions separately.

  2. all well-written applications will update themselves automatically and silently at nominated intervals, each time you use them — if you use them once a month they will check once a month, use them daily and they will check for updates daily.
    the only exception are alpha / beta versions, and free versions of software of paid software. for example, microsoft update also updates all the microsoft applications if you allow it, along with Windows; all web browsers update themselves and installed plugins silently; all antivirus software updates automatically.

    there is only a need for this if you use a lot of feature-limited free software from commercial vendors. otherwise it’s really not worth the system overhead to have this running — the same goes for FileHippo, CnetChecker, GoogleUpdate, etcetera.

    it is unfortunate that drivers cannot be reliably updated in the same manner, I have tried dozens of programs that claim to update drivers automatically, but most direct you to a download site where you need a subscription to manually download, or you pay for the software and get out-of-date drivers; even microsoft is unreliable, as their recommended drivers are always generic, non-optimised versions with limited features and sometimes have compatibility issues. the best I’ve found so far is 3DP Chip, but it’s far from perfect — it is best to routinely check if you hardware manufacturer has any major updates.

  3. Ninite.com allow no bloatware or toolbars. Save the original icon for auto updates. Really nice!
    Selection is limited!

  4. I have used many of these updaters. They are a Nuisance. They just go on updating all applications.

    All they do is to eat your bandwidth. I have found a better way. Just manually update when needed.

  5. seconded…. also all the related posts are for apps that do the same thing. i would click and see if they work but i already have 50 some tabs open.

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