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Keep An Eye On Files & Folders With DaemonFS

DaemonFS is an application which is designed solely to keep an eye on specified files and folders for any change. The application sits in system tray and let you know any sort of change in folder or files instantly.

Its interface is quite simple and so is the usage. It barely need two simple steps to be taken. Just specify the file or folder which is to be watched for changes. You can add as many files and folders as you want. Once files & folders are added, click Start button to  keep them under  scrutiny.

files watch

The Event window will appear up, which is set to record each & every event that will be taking place in either folder location or with files. Just hid the window to move it to system tray. If any changes are made to the files and folders, it will immediately notify you and record an event in Event window.

daemon fs1

The application comes useful in situations when you need to keep a tab on every single change made to the folder/file. You can bring up Event window anytime to view the previously made changes. Though while testing, it considered different changes as file/folder has deleted, which is one major downside.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done 32-bit system running Windows 7.

Download DaemonFS

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  • Rob Crombie

    Giving it a try.
    Created a new folder, and placed one text file into it.
    I set it to watch that file, and also the Folder
    When I altered the text file it popped up a balloon Tip near the Sys Tray, which disappears fairly quickly.
    I would have preferred it to stay there until clicked.

    When I copied another file (.mht) to the folder, it did not notice it, and did not pop up a Tip, and it did not log it.

    The developer has not followed windows conventions.
    What it should do, is –
    Minimze directly to the Sys Tray (None of this ‘Hide Window’ crap)
    Show the form, with a single click of the Sys Tray icon (my personal preference).
    And of course detect Files appearing in the watched folder.

    If enough people agree with me, I might write a VB6 program, that will do all that.
    And it will not require installation (another of my personal preferences)