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Keep Installer Packages Up-To-Date With Ketarin

There are plenty of freewares that get released daily and the same number of them get updated too. How will you keep track of all these updated applications? One way developers try to tackle this problem is to provide a build-in option for users to check for updates, but what if you have a lot of installer packages that needs updating too?

Personally, I have a folder named Software in which I put every setup package. These packages are in some cases very old and have to to replaced with new ones manually. Ketarin helps automate this task. With this tool you can select which applications to keep up-to-date and it will handle the rest, provided you have entered both Download source and destination.


When entering the download source, you can either input the URL or the FileHippo ID, I chose the latter since it is more easier and faster way of adding (simply because it requires the ID which is usually the application name).

new applicaiton

Each of the application that is added can be assigned a category for quick sorting from the main interface window. The advanced settings is where all download options and behavior can be set.

advanced settings

The applications added in this program are automatically downloaded and updated daily. Users can select if they want to have a backup of previously downloaded file or not.

Ketarin is a great open source tool to keep all installer packages up-to-date in your system. It works on WIndows XP, Vista, and 7; testing was done on Windows 7 86 system.

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  • SUMo from KC Softwares (http://www.kcsoftwares.com/index.php?sumo) does the same job more efficiently. It has a database of hundreds of programs with links to the company page, so you don’t have to look up yourself.

    Warning: Relevant Knowledge optional component is included in full setup builds (but not in the lite build).