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Keep Track Of Facebook Feed Updates With Facebook News Feeds Reader

Numerous updates from Facebook friends are often overlooked due to the enormous size of the Facebook feed. To some extend, this problem can be resolved by using the Facebook subscription feature. However, the problem is that the subscription updates are added to your notifications, which can end up mixing up your personal notifications with that of subscribed accounts. For instance, if someone posted on your wall, and you have subscribed to 20 friends, then your personal wall message notification may become difficult to notice among feed updates from 20 friends.

Facebook News Feeds Reader is a feed reader for your Facebook account that sorts friends and liked pages in separate categories, and provides feed updates for them. You can also create custom categories to receive updates from. This way, you can get updates for each friend and liked page from a simple list, rather than  jumbled up Facebook notifications or a convoluted Home feed.

To get started, click refresh icon, login and authorize your Facebook account.

Facebook Feed Reader

Once done, you will be presented with all unread feeds from your friends and liked pages (as shown in the screenshot below). You can mark posts as read, add them to favorites and export the feed for a particular friend/page as an HTML file from the respective buttons on the toolbar .


For configuring feed options, go to Application Settings. Here, you can set a custom time frame for receiving system tray message updates, enable file saving for feed data within application folder, save posts to disk on each refresh and enable taskbar icon (from General Settings tab).


The Categories tab provides the list of friends/pages (listed as categories). You can add and remove categories to suit your needs.


Facebook News Feeds Reader, hence, enables receiving regular updates for your Facebook feed, within defined categories, with system tray notifications, according to your set time frame. This can be of particular use to those Facebook users who prefer keeping any eye on each and every Facebook update from their friends or favorite pages.


Facebook News Feeds Reader is an open source application, which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Facebook News Feeds Reader

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  1. The new version added alot of features such reading You Facebook Notifications, Reading Statuses, Photos, Likes, Wall Feed of selected user or any one in the Favorite Group or specific Use/Page/app.
    • Reading the News Feed of Non friends

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