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Keep Track Of Files In Any Windows Folder With File Bookmark

Sometimes file directories can have similar file names that can make it nearly impossible to identify a file from within a folder. File Bookmark is a Windows shell extension, which has been designed to bookmark files via the Windows right-click context menu, to find the right file(s) that you have opened earlier from a specific folder. It allows you to automatically mark the last bookmarked file from a folder, so you don’t have to manually look up the file within the folder’s content. This can be quite helpful to avoid  the laborious process of searching out several files from within numerous directories, and to deal with non indexed files (which can be hard to locate).

All you have to do is to click a file and bookmark it from the File Bookmark option that will be automatically added to the Windows right-click context menu, once this shell extension is installed.

File Bookmark

When you bookmark a file, a bookmark is created within the same directory, which is distinctly unique in it’s appearance as compared to other files (as it is of a different file format). This makes it easy to launch a specific file by simply executing the bookmark by double-clicking it.


A good thing about this shell extension is that, unlike other shell extensions, it provides easy uninstallation via Options –> Uninstall (tab) or from Add or Remove programs. File Bookmark works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download File Bookmark

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