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Keep Track Of Your Finances With Metalogic Finance Explorer

Metalogic Finance Explorer is a comprehensive application for managing your financial information and getting an overview of your finances within a summarized or elaborate format. It supports saving many types of account information, including bank, cash, credit and others. You can also get instant information regarding your stock quotes by entering your account details. Saved information can also be exported and imported to Finance Explorer, which allows keeping easy backup of financial information.

The main interface displays snapshot of your financial condition with easy options for adding additional information to the available financial details. You can add bank account, investment account, credit card and related information from the options on the right hand side.

Home - Metalogic Finance Explorer

After selecting an option from the main interface, you can begin adding financial information and sort data by month and year from the top toolbar options. If you would like to import or export the saved data, you can do so from the File menu. All added information is added and calculated automatically to your overall financial records.

Credit Card - Metalogic Finance Explorer

You can also stay updated with your stock quotes by entering account details after heading over to Tools->Options. Current stock quotes can be downloaded for a better overview.


Metalogic Finance Explorer provides simpler category formation and management then the previously reviewed GNUCash Portable and therefore, is quite useful even for people who might prefer managing  details of their financial accounts in a simplified manner. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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