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KeyStop – Disable Windows And Caps Lock Keys

So why will you disable the two most important keys, Windows key and Caps Lock key? One word, Gaming. During a game play if you sometimes hit any one of these keys by mistake, it might lead to desktop crash. In my case, I hit Windows key a lot(because it is close to Ctrl key) which leads to minimization of the game and at the same time the Start Menu is displayed. It can get quite annoying and out-of-hand if you hit them repeatedly by mistake.

KeyStop is a free portable and standalone tool that solves this problem by disabling both Windows and Caps Lock keys temporarily. Just extract the zip archive and hit KeyStop.exe.

keystop - disable windows and caps lock keys

This software comes in French language only, but due to it’s simplicity anybody can use it. Just hit the first button to disable these Windows and Caps Lock keys and hit the second button to enable them back to normal. That’s all. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download KeyStop


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